We will NOT be at the Fulshear Farmers' Market on July 4th. Happy Independence Day everyone!! BEEF will be back July 11!! Pre-order now by email. Ordering online will begin July 6th.

Our goal at Waypoint Farm is to raise happy animals that produce healthy, delicious meat in an environment that is humane and natural. We use low stress handling methods and engage with the animals on a daily basis. No added growth hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics are used, and the animals graze on improved pastures all their lives. They are born here, raised here, and then processed at our butcher who is 20 minutes from our farm.

The breeds we raise, Akaushi beef (one of the four wagyu breeds) & White Dorper lamb, are selected for genetics that perform well on grass and are able to handle the conditions of South-Central Texas. Our animals are raised on improved pastures, meaning they have high quality forage to graze year around. During the warm months they graze perennial bermuda grasses, and we plant these fields in the fall with oats, annual rye grass, and legumes for them to graze during the cold months. At times when the pastures are less than optimal such as during a drought, we provide them with high protein hay we have cut from our own pastures or with alfalfa hay we purchase from off our farm.

Animals raised on improved grass produce meat that is healthy for our bodies. In comparison to grain fed meat, it has less total fat, is higher in vitamin E and beta-carotene (which gives the fat a creamy color), and contains more conjugated linoleic acid ( a type of fat that is thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks). Grass fed meat also has the ideal balance between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that our bodies need.