We will NOT be at the Fulshear Farmers’’ Market Nov 28. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Lamb Cuts

100% grass fed AND finished. No added growth hormones. No antibiotics. No confinement. Born & raised completely on improved pastures.

Lamb Shank (sliced)

Sliced, osso buco style
Avg. 0.65 lb.

Lamb Shank (whole)

Whole - 1 per pack
Avg. 0.55 lb.

Premium Ground Lamb

1 lb / pack
Avg. 1 lb.
Avg. 4.5 lb.

Lamb Stew Meat

1 lb / pack
Avg. 1.02 lb.

Lamb Rib Rack

4 Bone Rack
Avg. 0.85 lb.

Lamb Loin Chop

2 chops/pack
Avg. 0.6 lb.